Warranty Decision Making

Warranties always seem to be a major concern for manufacturers, dealers and consumers when purchasing spa covers. We feel there are many misconceptions or preconceived ideas of what a spa cover warranty actually involves.

Covering a spa cover with a warranty is not complicated but, over the years, the marketing ploys of some spa cover manufacturers, distributors and/or dealers have muddied the water and given consumers a false impression that the warranty is a guarantee of performance. Simply put, almost all spa covers are warranted against defects in material and workmanship and exclude many “out of our control” factors such as Acts of God and negligence on the part of the spa owner.

The most important exclusion that ALL cover warranties have is shipping costs to and from the manufacturing facility. Like most products that we buy, shipping is a cost the consumer absorbs when having to return a product for repair or replacement. With most products, this cost is of a reasonable nature. With spa covers, this becomes costly and prohibitive for the consumer to return, due to the size.

So the question remains, “Are all warranties useless?” The answer is “Not necessarily”. We recommend that you choose your spa cover based upon how you feel about the company that is going to be asked to stand behind the warranty. It is about how much you trust the company to take care of the consumer when there is a problem. Our advice regarding the warranty of a spa cover is to let the warranty be a secondary or tertiary factor in your overall decision of which spa cover to purchase. It should not be the primary factor in the decision.

We have been making spa covers since 1987. We do everything possible to accommodate the consumer and review any warranty with the intent of minimizing the costs of the warranty procedure especially the shipping costs. We feel that, as your spa cover supplier, we are here to support you and your customers.